Age 57 is a few days away. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

I was supposed to be complaining about a few wrinkles. I was supposed to be working hard to maintain my size 8. I was supposed to be excited about scuba diving with my son, playing…

Collective trauma is exhausting.

One definition of trauma is simply defined as “When you are in fear for your emotional and/or physical safety and/or the safety of someone you love (could be a pet) and you are helpless”.

It is the combo of fear and helpless that creates trauma. Based…

Anxiety is only in the future.

I live with a chronic illness, with no cure, that only gets worse with time and at any minute could blind or paralyze me. I have been forced to figure out how to deal with fear — fear of the unknown, fear of losing…

Lisa Barrick Kemppainen

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